Amazon Books Sale – Leadership: Books to Read at Christmas

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Hi Everyone!

Well, Christmas is fast approaching, so it’s time to gear up and work out the best leadership books to buy for you and your loved ones…as well as which leadership books to read while you have some down time over the holidays!

And, with Amazon having a 12 Days of Deals sale, it’s the right time to shop for those books and, while you are there online, some 8 million other products.

But, before you do, how do you decide which books to buy and which books to read?

Bad News – Scams and Dishonesty Re Recommended Books

Scam 1 – Dishonest and Problematic Sites

Previously, as part of our research into the best leadership books on various topics, we expected to find solid recommendations based on salient rationale. To our surprise, exposed that most online sites recommending books to read are problematic at best – even the highest ranking sites.

This was first uncovered in our article available by clicking here.

Additional specific examples are in our articles about the best leadership books on social media marketing, sales and leadership development.

But the good news is that, as a result, now provides a list of books that you can rely on, as covered in our articles.

Scam 2

We also alerted readers about a free online book scam in our article available by clicking here.

Good News – You Benefit From Sound Recommendations of Best Leadership Books About Anything AND Amazon Books Sale!

Not only do you get worthwhile recommendations of the best books to read, you also always get the best price available from Amazon…on the books and over 8 million products sold online by Amazon!

Whenever there is an Amazon Books Sale, the sale price is automatically in the links above our articles! And, once you’ve clicked on a book title, you can buy any of Amazon’s 8 million products while you are on Amazon’s site!

Click here to be taken to a list of all our articles, recommending books about various leadership topics. This will help you choose the best choices of leadership books for you and enable you to buy from Amazon.


Leaders are readers…and they take pride in developing others.

They also are smart with money.

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s a great time to decide which leadership books about anything that you want to buy for you and others…and which books to read on your holidays.

We ave provided you with an excellent combination of recommended books at “always sale” prices! And our list of recommendations for you – available by clicking here.

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Onward and upwards!



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