Welcome to mybestchoices.org

Our Core – For Everyone

We exist to help you make the best choices for you for books on Leadership and Life…essentially what to look for in buying a book, what types of books to buy and where to buy a book.  That is our core.

We also provide a forum for like-minded people to engage to improve our leadership and lives through the sharing real-life experiences.

Other Value – For Some

When looking for your favorite book, other considerations arise – such as whether to read traditional books or ebooks, what is the best ebook reader, should I order a book lamp, what is the best reading lamp, learning speed reading and so on.  These are all areas where mybestchoices.org helps you.

For those who buy from Amazon, which we generally do based on our value assessment of  “availability + price + service“, we make the experience easier at no extra cost to youbut this is subordinate to our core and there is no obligation on any reader.

P.S.  mybestchoices.org would change our purchasing strategy away from Amazon, should we believe there is a better choice.